Roquebrune-sur-Argens illustrated by Monsieur Z

The Tourist Office called upon the artistic talents of French artist Monsieur Z to promote this beautiful region !
Richard ZielenkiewicZ, AKA Monsieur Z, is a well-known illustrator and graphic designer who’s been living in Hyères since 2006.

Tired of having to spell out his name, Monsieur Z decided to ditch it altogether – except for the first (or last) letter !

He’s known for his colourful illustrations, executed in the sleek lines of graphic design or architecture, in old-fashioned styles anywhere from the 30s through to the 70s.
Monsieur Z creates a number of cartoon TV series and participates in the creation of TV and magazine adverts, in France and other countries, for big brands : L’Oréal, Air France, BMW, Malabar, Quick, TGV and most recently for the 2017 Monoprix campaign … He also created the poster for the 70th Cannes Film Festival in 2017 !

With his wealth of experience in graphic design and architecture, his natural flair and his subtle sense of humour, he stands out as one of the brightest sparks in the world of illustration. He’s definitely made his mark in the field of tourism, not only with his vintage vision of the Var and its beautiful sites, but also with his celebrated illustrations of Paris and New York !

The illustrator’s artistic vision distils the beauty of our region into a series of 8 images, each more stunning than the next, which are now on exhibition and for sale at our shops and museums.

Monsieur Z posters and other items too !

A wide range of original spin-off products has also been created, to the delight of collectors, Roquebrune locals and, of course, everyone who comes here on holiday !

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