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Yoga on the beach

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Yoga class at the beach

Go for a yoga session on one of the most beautiful beaches in Les Issambres with a qualifi ed teacher practicing for more than 20 years. Whether you are beginners or experts, the teacher will adapt to everyone for a traditional yoga session (hatha) in front of the Mediterranean sea.

 Vinyasa: The term Vinyasa literally means synchronization of movement with breathing.
Vinyasa is a dynamic and fluid practice of asana sequences linked together by breath and intention, derived from Ashtanga Yoga. Unlike the latter, there is no specific series which means that the sequence of postures changes each time and therefore each class will be different. This freedom and this creativity in the sequences make it both more accessible and also make it possible to never rest on what you have learned.
The teacher creates his course according to his personality, his current practice, his energy as well as by his observation of the students present, their energies, level of practice and need. It's a real exchange.
The course often revolves around a theme, whether it be physical (opening of the hips, opening of the heart, digestion ...), spiritual or emotional (influence of a need, the seasons ...). It can also be built around an advanced posture, called a “peak pose”. All the practice will then be drawn to prepare the body for this advanced posture.
A Vinyasa Yoga class generally includes:
 sitting or lying warm-up postures
 sun salutations
 a flow of standing, sitting and / or lying down postures, linked together
 possibly the “peak pose”
 a final relaxation
 Breathing (eg Ujjayi) is at the center of the sequence of postures. It is she who guides the movement, inspires it and supports it.

 Yin fascias Yoga: Yin Yoga, deep work of body and mind, is a gentle practice focused on sustained stretching, with slow and deep breathing. Unlike “traditional” Yoga, the emphasis is not on strengthening muscles but stretching them and loosening joints and connective tissues.
 Improve flexibility, thus gain flexibility
 Develop mobility, awareness of tensions
 Slow down and focus on the present moment.
 Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and in particular help reduce stress, anxiety, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve sleep, digestion and boost the immune system.
To this yin yoga, I add, as a warm-up, targeted work on the fascia, in order to release movement and areas of tension.

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From 02/07 to 27/08/2021, every Friday between 9 am and 10.15 am.
Subject to favorable weather.