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Lac Perrin

( Lake )

Lake Perrin is an artificial lake situated below the Rock of Roquebrune. The site used to be a sand quarry and was exploited for about forty years before being filled with water.

The lake covers about 30 hectares and its water comes from the River Argens.
It is of great ecological interest:
- the western part is strewn with reed beds, providing natural shelter for nesting birds and a spawning ground for fish,
- the banks of compacted sand make an ideal habitat for the European bee-eater to excavate its tunnels,
- the grey heron and a host of other bird species have been seen here.
After the old quarry was filled with water, a beach and watersports centre were created at the lakeside. A number of sports and leisure activities are permitted here, including waterskiing, windsurfing and pedalos. There’s also a mini-golf course which opens for the summer season.

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