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Le Dolmen de la Gaillarde

Historic site and monument ( listed (CMN) )

Dolmen of La Gaillarde. This monument was one of three dolmens that stood within a 250-metre radius.

They joined the historical monuments list in 1919, but two of them were destroyed during the sixties to make way for a housing estate. The dolmen of La Gaillarde is built of schist slabs. Its chamber is 2.5 metres in length and 2 metres wide.
It can be reached from the housing estate of Les Issambres. The monument stands right next to the road.

The Dolmen of La Gaillarde is a protected Historical Monument. It stands on a mound in plot CK780 and is one of a group of three megalithic tombs. It features a rectangular chamber covered by a slab which has caved in, and an access passage marked out by slabs of schist and gneiss from the local area, all surrounded by a circular burial mound of stones. In 1908, the remains of human bones were uncovered here along with some flint arrowheads.


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