Tourisme & Handicap

COVID 19 – Information aux personnes en situation de handicap. Ce lien vous permet d’accéder aux recommandations sanitaires, aux mesures d’accompagnement mises en place par le gouvernement ainsi qu’à des supports accessibles en FALC (Facile A Lire et à Comprendre)


The Handiplage (beach accessible to people with disabilities) in Les Issambres opened in 2016 with a quality rating of 3 “stars” (out of a maximum of 4) awarded by the Association Nationale Handiplage.

A few figures : 177 people accessed the water in 2016 and over 300 in 2017 ! Some thirty council staff are actively involved in this community project, helping people with disabilities or with mobility problems to get around using special equipment.

Events are frequently organised on site to further improve our capacity for “living together”.

What is the Tourisme & Handicap accreditation ?

To meet the expectations of disabled people, our tourism professionals have committed to a quality approach to hospitality, accessibility and communication.
Accessibility rules have been established in the aim of obtaining the “Tourisme & Handicap” seal of approval for 3 of our facilities: the Tourist Office, the Maison du Terroir and the Maison du Chocolat. The staff concerned have received specific training on the needs of disabled holidaymakers.

The “Tourisme & Handicap” logo is a reliable and objective indication as to the user-friendliness for disabled users of sites and tourist facilities. Taking all types of disability into account, it aims to widen the range of possibilities for disabled tourists alongside non-specialised services and facilities.

The “Tourisme & Handicap” quality label answers the needs of disabled people who want the freedom to choose their outings and activities like any other holidaymaker. The label guarantees that disabled people will be welcomed efficiently and their specific needs catered for. The documents used in the accreditation assessments have been drawn up jointly by associations representing tourism service providers and members of welfare organisations for the disabled.

What is the purpose of the quality label ?

It provides disabled tourists with a guarantee.
The Tourisme & Handicap label tells a disabled holidaymaker that an establishment has truly taken his handicap into account and that he will benefit from efficient hospitality adapted to his needs. The logo is displayed at the entrance to sites, establishments and facilities as well as in tourist brochures to give disabled people reliable, consistent and objective information as to their degree of accessibility in relation to their specific handicap, through four pictograms corresponding to motor, visual, auditive and mental disabilities.
The Tourisme & Handicap quality label encourages the development of new tourist products and services that are accessible to all. It guarantees disabled holidaymakers have access to all the information they need in order to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Who is it intended for ?

This label is aimed at a clientele with specific needs and wishing to benefit from reliable information on the accessibility of holiday resorts and leisure activities. For the first time, disabled people, whether they have impaired motor function, hearing, eyesight or mental health, have reliable information at their disposal.
Providing disabled people with the independence they desire opens so many doors for them. The range of professional categories that can apply for this accreditation is vast.
Among others, the list includes: all accommodation types – hotels, holiday villages, family homes, guesthouses, youth centres, youth hostels, holiday apartments, furnished lets, gîtes, campsites, etc.

All types of restaurants: restaurants, bars, brasseries, farm restaurants, crêperies, etc.
Tourist attractions: monuments, museums, exhibition centres, castles, remarkable sites, parks and gardens, etc.;
Recreational facilities: theme parks, theatres, sport and entertainment facilities, gymnasiums, etc.

The label is awarded under terms set out by the ministry in charge of tourism which tasked the “Tourisme & Handicaps” association with facilitating its implementation.

Transport for disabled travellers :

An accessible welcome at Roquebrune-sur-Argens Tourist Office

The Roquebrune-sur-Argens Tourist Office is fitted with a magnetic loop system (or an audio induction loop) and a magnifying glass in order to offer an accessible welcome to those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.