La Bouverie

Where man and nature become one…

La Bouverie takes its name from the Provençal word “bouvariè”, meaning a barn, the only building standing when the site was discovered.
Located north of Roquebrune-sur-Argens, in a natural setting, this is a special place for discovery and leisure.

Between umbrella pines and eucalyptus, explore the forest of Palayson.

Set off on trails to discover enchanting sites. The choice is yours, just take your pick: Horseriding or hiking?
A little further on, you reach the Blavet Gorges, a natural border with Bagnols en Forêt, a favourite place for climbing enthusiasts…

La Bouverie is also a scenic patchwork ranging from red rocky landscapes to lush green hillsides.

As you turn a bend, the wooded setting gives way to a panorama of Provençal vines where bunches of grapes full of sunshine carry the promise of excellent local wines.

The Blavet gorges

Carved out of the red volcanic rhyolite rock, the gorges are a beautiful succession of geological curiosities such as the Muréron cave, one of Var’s major climbing spots.

la bouverie roquebrune